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Participating artist Dan Walker of Walklight Photography has been into photography the majority of his life.

“With my photography I have been trying to capture unique perspectives of the Sierras and beyond,” Walker said.

Walker travels a lot for his photography, but the “range of light” in the Sierra Nevada offers one of the best canvases possible.

“I try to go to different places in the mountains to try to open new places to people and different places that they may not otherwise think of. I also try to get new perspectives on popular places to broaden people’s perspectives on some of their favorite places and encourage them to explore and see these places anew,” Walker said.

Some of his newer projects have involved nighttime photography, which he enjoys because it allows him to plan out his shots and figure out what the light might do during a long exposure. His preferred choice of software for editing the photos happens to be Luminar flex. Plus, he also carries the best camera backpack for hiking so that the camera stays in one piece. Star trails are one of his favorites because he has begun to learn the star’s paths of travel and where the star trails will end up. One of his favorite photos he took is of his Vogelsang tent and the North Star, which is a great example of all of this coming together and the surprises you can get with night photography.

“I planned on having the tent and the North Star in the photograph and figured with the bright moon that 30 minutes was a good exposure time. What I didn’t expect was the headlamp streak as someone left and returned to the tent and the mule that didn’t move for the entire half hour,” Walker said.

In addition to the Sierra Nevada, Walker also enjoys photographing urban landscapes and the blight or beauty that can come from a run down city, which came from growing up outside Detroit and having that as an unique landscape area to explore.

Some of Walker’s new projects involve a juxtaposition between nature and city. Check out more of his work on his website!

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