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Sierra Serenity

Lake Tahoe Yoga and Glow Ayurveda & Skin Care wish to offer you an opportunity to experience Sierra Serenity.  Bring a partner for this unique event. Jenay will guide you through a restorative Yoga Asana practice that includes customization to honor each individual’s unique physical and energetic needs.  Peaceful tones, supported posturing and gentle scents will fill the space while we practice.  Suzanne will prepare rejuvenating Ayurvedic foods designed to balance your digestive system and replenish your body.  Next, you’ll spend some time giving care to your partner as you both learn facial care techniques with Suzanne.  After your partner facials, we’ll honor the serenity for a bit while toasting with champagne.

Minimum: 4 participants
Maximum: 8 participants

September 15

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