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Tahoe Spice Works– From Their Family to Yours

There are certainly stores and organizations, particularly in a community such as El Dorado County, which care about their customers; but for Tahoe Spice Works it’s a matter of personal pride. Owned and operated by the very same family on which all their spices and seasonings are tested before going on the shelf, Tahoe Spice Works

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We’re Excited For Exquisite Grill

If any company can handle a large event like the Sample the Sierra Festival, it’s Exquisite Grill; the highly versatile mobile barbeque and event catering company of South Lake Tahoe. Renowned not only in the town where it was established, but in various states throughout the country, Exquisite Grill is highly equipped for

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Fine Food and Wine for Labor Day Weekend

Whether you’re a local or just taking a well-deserved vacation this Labor Day Weekend, you won’t regret beginning your weekend with a Farm-to-Fork Winemakers’ Dinner at Bumgarner Winery. Meeting at the winery itself in Camino, California, you’ll be greeted by beautiful views of a healthy vineyard and the breathtaking

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Benefits of the Boathouse

While many hotel restaurants become known only as additions to the hotels to which they belong, Boathouse on the Pier is an exception to this rule. Extending its reach beyond South Lake Tahoe’s Beach Retreat and Lodge by participating in such events as the Annual Sample the Sierra Festival. In attending the Festival, Boathouse on the Pier is capable of proving itself as more than just a lovely place to watch the sunset.

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Award-Winning Wines from C.G. Di Arie

If there was a single word which could describe C.G. Di Arie, it would be innovative.  Participating in Sample the Sierra for the first time this year, C.G. Di Arie is a thoughtfully run and highly successful winery which has produced several award-winning wines and is a highly welcome addition to the festival’s usual lineup.

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Mountain Bounty Farms Offers Fresh Produce Year-Round

  Mountain Bounty Farm celebrates 16 years of family farming this year. A 15-acre family farm located high on the forested contours of the San Juan Ridge near Nevada City, Mountain Bounty is the longest running  Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)  program in Nevada County. This relatively new social model connects you to your food, the land, and to those that tend the soil. CSA is an economic system that allows you to make a direct connection with a family farm; a farm you know, a farm that adopts careful land stewardship practices, and a farm which produces exceptional quality food. The benefits of a CSA based food system are many. Besides providing fresh organically grown produce, CSA farms provide non-farmers with an understanding of the challenges and rewards of farming. As a customer at Mountain Bounty, you participate in the risks and uncertainties of farming as well as sharing the bountiful harvests.  Having direct contact with the land through your food and your farm can be a tremendously rewarding experience. Belonging to Mountain Bounty Farm benefits you, your family, the local economy, and the environment. The farm is run by husband and wife, John Tecklin and Angie Tomey, who share a love for the land and a passion for eating good food. When John started the farm his goal was to provide excellent quality food for the community…

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