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Beautiful handmade artwork at 2014 Sample the Sierra
Mountain Maid Tie Dye artist at 2014 Sample the Sierra

Showcase your original handmade goods!

Virtual Sample the Sierra Shopping Day

Participating businesses will be promoted through our digital channels including and our social media pages as well as through our local and regional media partners.

The virtual Sample the Sierra festival lineup will showcase businesses throughout the region virtually from September 10-20 but we will also highlight our artists and makers through a special Facebook event that will go live on Saturday, Sept. 12. Our goal is to encourage Sample the Sierra fans to make purchases on that day just like they would if they attended the festival.

Who is eligible to participate?

Examples of acceptable artist/artisan submissions include: pottery, painting, original photography, and handmade art mediums. Examples of acceptable other marketplace submissions include: olive oil, honey, handmade soap, spice blends, etc. (must have proper health department permitting).

Art Requirements

All work must be original—conceived, designed, and executed by the exhibiting artist/artisan (A gallery representative is allowed to run the booth on behalf of artist/artisan). Commercially mass-produced goods or third party goods will not be accepted.

Entry Requirements

Fill out the application form below completely. Entries that do not meet the above requirements will not be considered.

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