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Fill out the form below to apply as a vendor for Sample the Sierra.
Download Artists Form and mail or email to participate. After applying, please pay for applicable fees online.

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    I will provide my own tent for the eventI need a 10x10 tent to be provided to me for an additional fee of $250I need power in my booth space for an additional fee of $30I require 8 ft. tables at the rental fee of $20 per table (specify below)I have special placement needs (specify below)

    I require ___ 8 ft. tables ($20 per table):

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    Additional booth requests or special needs (not guaranteed):

    Do you have a CA Seller's Permit associated with an address in South Lake Tahoe?

    If YES, please list your permit number here:

    If NO, you must obtain a FREE Temporary Seller's Permit from the Board of Equalization website. You must register for your permit using this South Lake Tahoe event address - 1201 Al Tahoe Blvd., South Lake Tahoe, CA 9610. Please list your permit number here:

    Please upload at least ONE photo of your products (required):

    Upon acceptance, you will receive an invoice of applicable fees. You must pay this invoice prior to the festival to participate.

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