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Fill out the form below to apply as a vendor for Sample the Sierra.
Download Farmer/Producer Form and mail or email to participate.

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    As a donating business, we will need you to provide enough products to be highlighted in approximately 1,500 food tasting samples. Please list what types of products you think you will have available to donate in that quantity. (required)

    If you have a preferred Restaurant or Chef that you would like to donate to, please list here:

    There are opportunities for participating businesses to be featured on radio, TV and in print articles. Please let us know if you are interested and check all that apply:

    Sample the Sierra has several ancillary events during Labor Day Weekend. Please let us know if you are interested in hosting a tour or demonstration on your property or in your shop during the holiday weekend in conjunction with Sample the Sierra. Please let us what type of tour, preferable tour time, and if you would like to charge an entrance fee or not (proceeds go to you):

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