The Sierra Chef Challenge features local talents duking it out for the coveted Sierra Chef title.

The annual Sierra Chef Challenge includes four chefs each cooking against one another with a mystery box of locally grown ingredients. The competition will start out with four chefs. One chef will be eliminated each round. All the chefs will have 30-minutes to create each course per round. The competition will have four chefs competing on an appetizer course in the first round, three chefs competing on an entrée course for the second round and two chefs competing on a dessert course in the final round for the coveted Sierra Chef title. Each chef will prepare six plates per round. All six of the plates will be used for judging. Each chef will be judged on creativity, presentation, and taste.

Chef Stephen Gill

Stephen Gill welcomes every challenge that has been thrown at him, from creating an award-winning dish with Rocky Mountain Oysters to serving up a gourmet experience to thousands in the middle of the desert. He utilizes his knowledge of traditional dishes and a lifetime of culinary experiences to create one-of-a-kind fare even in the most extreme venues. “Gill”, as he is affectionately called, is a master at his craft and we are very proud to have him represent Cherry Bomb Catering.

In Stephen’s own words, here is his culinary journey: “I was born and raised on the East Coast in New Jersey, across the river from Philadelphia, PA – the home of real pizza, cheese steaks, and hoagies. Living not too far from the ocean, my Bostonian parents taught me the love of seafood, including clams, oysters, crabs, and how to make proper wicked “chowda”. I love to cook: I love to eat”

Executive Chef Patrick Harrity

Executive Chef Patrick Harrity of Cold Water Brewery grew up east of San Francisco in Brentwood, California where he began his culinary career working in a small butcher shop and BBQ restaurant. Harrity attended Sonoma State University before making the move to South Lake Tahoe five years ago. Since then he has worked for some of the best chefs in the region including Mark Estee, Charlee Abowd, and Justin Kaplan, learning to appreciate and utilize locally sourced seasonal ingredients.

Harrity continues to bring “California Comfort Food” to Cold Water Brewery drawing inspiration from a variety of cultures and cuisines to create a menu to satisfy all palates and the pickiest of eaters. When he is not running a kitchen, Harrity can be found on his mountain bike enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Lake Tahoe or making pastries with his favorite lady Rosie of Sweet Rosies Baked Treats.


Chef Kristina Forsberg

Kristina is 24 years old and decided at 15 she wanted to cook professionally. She grew up in North Carolina providing lots of southern influence in her food.  She enjoys experimenting with Cantonese, Thai and Mexican food. Her brother and grandmother started her on cooking at home and professionally. Kristina came to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in February from Las Vegas where she was involved with the Woman in Culinary Leadership Grant through the James Beard Foundation.

“I fell in love with food because of the inability to learn everything about it, there is always something new or old that I haven’t seen yet. Learning every day from everyone around me.”

Chef Anthony N. Schiavone

A native of Upstate New York, Chef Anthony began his culinary at the age of 15 as a dishwasher in a little pizzeria in a small town in the Catskill Mountains. Inspired by his Italian heritage and the great cooks in his family, Chef Anthony has pursued a career in the culinary arts that has taken him all over the country. In 2004, after several years cooking in various kitchens, Chef Anthony decided to get a formal culinary education at the State University of New York at Delhi.

Over the past 20 years, he has worked in restaurants of all sizes, from Family Style to Fine Dining, and in many types of cuisine. Since moving Tahoe in 2012, opportunities and the beauty of the region have motivated him to transition from a restaurant chef to a private/catering chef. As a private chef, Anthony brings all of his knowledge and experiences together to create bespoke menus that cater to any special need diets or life styles that his clients or their guests may have, allowing all of the guests to share the same flavors and enjoy the same dining experience.